​​Thomas Draving
Watercolor Artist

Thomas's Drawings‬‏
Future paintings
Sailing Race
Racing to the finish sailboats forge ahead trying to keep the lead! 
Is that a house?
Strange design for a home. A similar home is in the newer home designs in Sweden. 
  1. Sunny Day!
    Sunny Day!
    What's that! A bait store in the middle of the bay . Stop to fuel up and load on some supplies.
  2. Time for a break!
    Time for a break!
    Get you feet on solid ground! Pick up some supplies and your off to sail the seas!
  3. Fishing Competition
    Fishing Competition
    Where is your rod & reel. The day is on. Who is gonna catch the big one?
  4. Leaving the port!
    Leaving the port!
    The ship is on the move. Who is that saying aloha?
  5. Aliquam sem augue,
    Aliquam sem augue,
    This element represents the description field.
  6. Title 6
    Title 6